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  Springboard Records Privacy Policy
Print out this page, fill it in, then mail with a check for the total amount to:

Springboard Records
2141 Stuart Street
Berkeley, CA 94705

CDs are $17 each and Cassette Tapes are $12 each (price includes shipping, handling and any applicable sales tax)
Title of Album # of CDs # of Tapes
All Kinds of People (NEW!) _________ _________
Strong, Smart and Free _________ _________
Diddy Bop Dinosaurs tape only _________
Here’s a Kiss Goodnight tape only _________
I Like Noodles tape only  ________
It’s Somebody’s Birthday
and Other Songs for Young Children
tape only _________
Supermarket Shuffle tape only _________
Sing a Silly Song tape only _________
Total Number of items _________ _________
Sub-Total: $17 for each CD / $12 for each tape $________ $________
TOTAL (please enclose a check for this amount made out to Springboard Records) $______________________

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