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Food ‘N Fun ages 6 to 12
All Kinds of People ages 6 to 12
Strong, Smart and Free ages 6 to 12
Diddy Bop Dinosaurs ages 2 to 10
Here’s a Kiss Goodnight ages 1 to 100
I Like Noodles ages 2 to 10
It’s Somebody’s Birthday ages 2 to 8
Supermarket Shuffle ages 2 to 10
Sing a Silly Song ages 2 to 8
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Food ’N Fun
2011-12 USDA Approved Nutrition Education Material
CD . ages 6 to 12
A wonderful collection of Gary’s songs to encourage your child’s good nutrition habits.

“Gary Lapow has cooked up a delightful menu of delicious songs. A sure recipe for a banquet of fun.”
Mollie Katzen
author of “The Moosewood Cookbook” and “Pretend Soup”

Songs include:  
Get Up Off The Sofa
Veggie Rap
Eat A Mango
Supermarket Shuffle
Whatcha Havin’ For Lunch Today
The Bread Song
Buddy To Your Body
Eat A Vegetable
Apples and Bananas
Rutabaga Root
I Like Noodles
I Like The Way I Feel



All Kinds of People
CD . ages 6 to 12
This sizzling album uses a full range of modern sounds and rhythms, humor and teaching songs to address the complexities of contemporary children’s lives. Gary takes on subjects from prejudice and teasing and bullying, to lunch around the world. He brings together wisdom and playfulness, in a rollicking, joy filled collection of twelve new songs.

2002 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Honors Award Winner

Songs include:  
All Kinds of People
Get Real
What Friends R 4
Bully’s Valentine
All Around The World
Make Peace!
You Got Feelings
Whatcha Havin’ For Lunch Today
Prejudice Hurts
Quit It!
Stop, Think, Act
Make Peace (Reprise)



Strong, Smart and Free
CD . ages 6 to 12
Aimed primarily at school age children, the songs on “Strong, Smart and Free” are funny, serious and inspiring. They encourage kids to respect and appreciate themselves as well as others, find peaceful resolutions to conflicts, celebrate diversity and make healthy life choices. The music and moods are upbeat with hot rhythms and sweet harmonies.

A Parent’s Choice Recommended Recording

Songs include:  
I Like the Way I Feel
Say No, No, No
Everybody Deserves A Chance
Ooga Booga Booga
Strong, Smart and Free
Monkey See, Monkey Do
Light Up Your Light
The Deaf Jam
Before You Push and Shove
Be a Buddy to Your Body
Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



Diddy Bop Dinosaurs
CD . ages 2 to 10
Diddy Bop Dinosaurs features Gary’s trademark “Diddy Bop Dinosaurs” and thirteen other original songs including selections from his “Music Box”– Kaleidoscope Concert as seen on the Disney Channel. A Parent’s Choice Honor Recording, “Diddy Bop Dinosaurs” appeals to preschoolers through 4th graders.

A Parent’s Choice Honor Recording

Songs include:  
Diddy Bop Dinosaurs
A Good Old Happy Song
Hip Hop Kids
A Very Dull Day
Too Much Television
The Mother Goose Bounce
We’re The Same
The Velcro Rip
The Scratching At The Window
Mama Don’t Like It
Look In A Book
Pass a Piece of Pizza
Eat A Vegetable
Night Night Zevi


Here’s A Kiss Goodnight
CD . ages 1 to 100
Here’s A Kiss Goodnight, Gary’s soothing lullaby album has an hypnotic, irresistible sleep-dream inducing quality. Play it at quiet times to relax you and calm your children. It contains ten comforting Lapow originals, plus three traditional tunes.

A Wolf Trap Silver Medallion Recording

Songs include:  
Here’s A Kiss Goodnight
Sleepy Little Child of Mine
Unicorns Dancing In The Night
Down In The Valley
‘Round And ‘Round (And It’s Alright)
Welcome To Our Hearts
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Come Lie Down
Pelican, Pelican
Night Night Zevi
Sleepytime Friend
The Sun And The Moon


I Like Noodles
CD . ages 2 to 10
I Like Noodles is geared especially for preschoolers through 2nd graders. It contains fourteen of Gary’s originals and one traditional song. In his work for the Wolf Trap Institute For Early Learning Through the Arts, Gary has trained thousands of Early Childhood teachers around the country using these delightful sing-alongs.

A Wolf Trap Silver Medallion Recording

A Parent’s Choice Honor Recording

Songs include:  
I Like Noodles
Talking On The Telephone
Do Animals Speak?
Drums On Daddy’s Tummy
Big Old Storm A-Coming
Hello, Hello
Two Little Worms
Brushing My Teeth
The Numbers Rap
The Sardine Dance
Choo Choo Train
Seagull Song
Apples and Bananas (traditional)


It’s Somebody’s Birthday
and other songs for young children
CD . ages 2 to 8
“The magic touch of Gary Lapow, along with his humorous, positive and gentle music, comes through well on It’s Somebody’s Birthday. These songs are meant to be sung throughout the year. There are lessons in counting, shapes and career awareness (for children of both sexes) ... Gary’s approach is playful, relaxed and witty without being heavy handed. His music will make a special time out of an ordinary day”
– The Big Apple Parent’s Paper, New York City

Songs include:  
It’s Somebody’s Birthday
Swim Like The Fishes
A Funny Little Bunny
I Went On A Safari
Sharing Song
Birthday Balloons
Train In The Station
Mother Earth And Father Sky
Hip Hop Warm-Up
My Old Car
I Got Two Feet
Five Jelly Beans
Robert The Bullfrog
Everybody Works
I’m Gonna Make A Paper Shape
Show You Care


Supermarket Shuffle
CD . ages 2 to 8
Supermarket Shuffle is a lively collection of funny and sweet songs. The title cut is a hilarious audio cartoon about the zany nocturnal antics of fruits and vegetables. This album appeals to older, as well as younger children.

Songs include:  
Supermarket Shuffle
My Kitty Kat
Chatty Chatty
Sleepytime Friend
Puppy Love
A Lulling Rock-A-Bye
Come Lie Down
My Aunt Came Back (traditional with new lyrics)
The Bread Song (by the Frente Music Collective)
My Mother Gave Me A Penny (Traditional)
Old Woman’s Memory (by Bonnie Lockhart)


Sing A Silly Song
CD . ages 2 to 8
Sing A Silly Song is Gary’s first recording for children. Warm and witty, it still remains a
favorite for preschoolers through 2nd graders.

Songs include:  
I Can’t Sleep
You’re My Friend
Ice Cream, Whipped Cream
Rainy Day
Sing A Silly Song
Magic Penny (by Malvina Reynolds)
A Little Bit of L-O-V-E (by Dan Goldensohn)
The Witch Song (by Bonnie Lockhart)
Song About Feet (by Tom Hunter)
I’m Gonna Tell (by Rosalie Sorrels)
I Love My Rooster (traditional)

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